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9 Class.Envirоnment prоtectiоn in Ukraine.

 Good morning.

Today's topic is: Envirоnment prоtectiоn in Ukraine.

1. Watch  the videо and answer  the questiоns.Our planet is ill. It has many health problems. What are they?

You can see our planet on the videо. Stick ecological problems on it.

  • why do we call nature our mother?
  • What are the most important words did you hear from it?
  • Do we really need to save our planet?

“Mother Planet is showing us  the red warning light - ‘be careful’ – she is saying. To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house.” The Dalai Lama

 Nowadays in Ukraine we have the biggest problem ever – the war. Environmental damage caused by war can last for centuries. More than 12 thousand square kilometres of Ukraine's nature reserves have become a war zone. According to preliminary data, it will take Ukraine's nature at least 15 years to recover. 

3. Ex.1,p.168 in written.



8 Class. Internet.

  Good morning.

Today's topic is: Internet.

Ex. 1,p.225 оrally

Ex. 2(a),p. 225-226 in written.


Ex.2(b),p. 226 оrally.

7 Class. Kyiv

  Good morning.

Today's topic is:Kyiv.


Сriss-сross    ['krɪskrɔs]  пeрexpeщyватися

сolumn   ['kɔləm]  кoлoнa

сonseгvatoire   [kənˈsəːvətwɑː] кoнсеpватopiя

distanсe   ['dɪst(ə)n(t)s] вiдстань

entertainment  [ˌentə'teɪnmənt] рoзвага

founder   ['faundə]  заснoвник

glazed    [gleɪzd]  cкляний

horde    [hɔːd]   орда

hunt     [hʌnt]   пoлювати

impress    [ɪm'pres]  вражати

game     [geɪm   дичина

noble     ['nəubl  шляxeтний

sign    [saɪn]   пoзначки

swampy   ['swɔmpɪ]   болотистий

2. And to remember these words better let’s match them with their meanings. 

1. glazed

made of glass


a college for the study of classical music or other arts


soft and always very wet


someone who establishes an organization


try to catch and kill an animal or bird for food or sport


a notice giving information, direction or warning

1. glazed

made of glass


a college for the study of classical music or other arts


soft and always very wet


someone who establishes an organization


to try to catch and kill an animal or bird for food or sport


a large group of people

Ex. 4,p. 143


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6 Class. Histоrical places оf Lоndоn.

 Good morning.

Today's topic is:Histоrical places оf Lоndоn.


Called – називати.

Famous – відомий.

Place of interest – визначне місце.

Column - колона.

Splendid – величний, чудовий.

Royal – королівський.

Church – церква.

To make one’s way to – прямувати.


 2.Match.( з’єднайте англійські та українські еквіваленти письмово).

  1. Big Ben                                               a) Сімсот
  2. Tower Bridge                                      b)Вестмінстерське Абатство
  3. Seven hundred                                    c) Тауерський міст
  4. Westminster Abby                              d) Біг Бен
  5. Two million                                        e) Букінгемський палац
  6. Buckingham Palace                            f) П’ять тисяч
  7. Five thousand                                     g) Лондонський Тауер
  8.  The Tower of London                       h) Два мільйони

  9. 3.  Reading.

 London is the most interesting place in the world. There are about 10 thousand streets in London. About eight million people live in the city. There are a lot of  bridges over the ThamesTower Bridge is the most famous. It is more than 100 years old. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of  London.  It is a museum with hundreds of interesting collections in it.

   You can see splendid churches in the city. Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest royal churches. StPaul’s  Cathedral is wonderful classical church in Britain.

4.  Writing           

  1. From Tower Bridge you can see…
  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  2. London Zoo
  3. The Tower of London

2. The Queen lives in …

a)  the Tower of  London

b) Buckingham Palace

c) Westminster Abbey

3. Westminster Abbey is a famous …

a) museum

b) royal church

c) circus

4. In Regent’s Park there is the biggest … in the world.

a)  metro

b) clock

c) zoo

1. The Tower of London is a … now.

a)  museum

b) gallery

c) church

2. There is …in the centre of London

a) Piccadilly Circus

b) Trafalgar Square

c) Regent’s Park

3. There are … streets in London.

a) six

b) one million

c) ten thousand

4. They change the Guard at…

a) the National Gallery

b) Buckingham Palace

cBig Ben



Answer the questions:

  • What is London?
  • What is the river in London called?
  • What famous tower clock can we see in London?
  • Where does the British Queen live?
  • How many people live in London?
  • Do you like London?

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7 Class.Lоndоn. Hоmereading Lessоn.

  Good morning.

Today's topic is :Lоndоn. Hоmereading Lessоn.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most imposing and popular of London's historical sights. It comprises not one, but 20 towers. The oldest of which, the White Tower, dates back to the llth century and the time of William the Conqueror. Nowadays a lot of tourists visit the Tower of London, because of the Tower's evil reputation as a prison. The Tower is famous as home of the Crown Jewels. Today they can be viewed in their new jewel house. They include the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother which contains the celebrated Indian diamond.

Many stories associated with British history come from the Tower. In 1483 King Edward IV's two sons were murdered in the so-called Bloody Tower. Over two centuries later the skeletons of two little boys were found buried beneath steps in the White Tower.

Traitor's Gate has steps leading down to the River Thames. Countless prisoners, including the future Queen Elizabeth I of England, were brought to the Tower by barge and ascended the steps before being imprisoned. For many it was their last moment of freedom before their death. But Elizabeth was released from the Tower and became Queen. The King's second wife, Anne Boleyn, was brought to trial there in 1536 and beheaded. Six years later her cousin, Catherine, Henry VIII's fifth wife, suffered the same fate. Sir Thomas More was beheaded there in 1535.

Of course, no visit to the Tower would be complete without seeing the ravens; huge black birds who are an official part of the Tower community. Legend states that if the ravens were to leave the Tower the Crown will fall, and Britain with it. Under the special care of the Raven Master, the ravens are fed a daily diet of raw meat. And there is no danger of them flying away, because their wings are clipped.

Vocabulary Practice. Match the words with their definitions


1. imposing

a) include

2. comprise


b) very impressive because of great size, stately appearance, dignity, elegance, etc

3. Conqueror


с) a very beautiful and expensive stone

4. crown jewel


d) to give freedom or free movement to someone or something

5. diamond


e) a person who conquers

6. release

f) object of metalwork and jewellery in the regalia of a current or former monarchy.

Find the following phrases in the text:

To lead down, to be last moment of freedom, to be brought to trial, to comprise 20 towers, to suffer the same fate, to be official part of the Tower community.


Make up 10 questiоn tо the text given abоve.